Harlette are:
Iona ~ Vocals ~
Lizzie ~ Guitar ~
Maz ~ Bass ~
Staz ~ Drums ~

Harlette featured on our "18 & Under" CD hailing from Didcot.

- From the pop savvy of The Bangles or The Runaways to the stark honesty of early Hole or L7, these girls know how to do classic girl rock.

Harlette then went on to release tracks with Freedom Road Records, and DirtyZine.

So where are they now?

Iona was also in another Oxford band called Baby Gravy, who also released a track with us: www.myspace.com/babygravymusic, Iona also now performs under the name Straydog http://soundcloud.com/straydogmusic
Staz formed a band called Bitches with Blake from The Walk Off (also from the 18 & Under CD): www.peaceandbitches.com