Monthly Singles Club

Monthly Subscribers Digital Singles Club<\b>

Rediscover your passion for new and independent music with our subscribers club!

Every month we bring you a new underground artist’s song exclusively to your inbox! (HD Wav, HQ MP3 provided by link to folders from our online storage)

We use your subscription money to help fund the promotion for the artist and their single over the month pre release period before it hits streaming services, which usually would ensure them losing money due to criminally low streaming royalty rates.

Get exclusive performances and bonus tracks plus other membership benefits.

Only £15/$20 each year!
To sign up please send subscription fee via PayPal (put ‘singles club’ in description)

Want some exciting new music sent right to your inbox each and every month?

Want to find awesome new artists without trawling through the internet or relying on the ‘taste’ of corporations that would just as soon sell you a fizzy drink or headphones?

Want to be part of a music loving, artist friendly community who genuinely care about music and how it is produced and sold and help new artists get exposure they deserve?

Quickfix have eyes and ears all over the internet and beyond, reaching out to the most exciting new artists and talented veterans of the underground music scene who make amazing music but not getting the exposure they deserve mostly due to budget.

Music fans need to surf an ocean of music to find them with no map other than that provided by streaming services with a big business outlook, closed door policy for new artist exposure and zero interest in artist development. Who even has the time anyway?

We have devised this scheme, inspired by the old punk and indie 7” singles club from the past and giving it a post-modern twist in an effort to find a sustainable way of working with the many great artists we find and bringing them to a wider audience, while making that audiences’ listening experience more exciting, fun and satisfying.

To sign up please send subscription fee via PayPal (put ‘singles club’ in description)

Membership Benefits:
General Singles Club (£15/$20 per year):
1. A brand new single in the file of your choice 1st of every month for a year!
2. Quarterly bonus tracks from Quickfix roster and associated acts.
3. Bonus live and recorded performances (by private link).
4. Welcome Digital Gift Pack featuring a dozen songs from the Quickfix catalogue.
5. Digital Membership Card which will get u discounts on future Quickfix stuff!
6. Free and/or exclusive advance access to Quickfix limited products and events.
7. Increased priority treatment as Quickfix expands its products & activities.
Plus, the satisfaction of knowing you are part of something cool, progressive and supporting new music in a very tangible way!
We really appreciate your help. <\b>

To sign up please send subscription fee via PayPal (put ‘singles club’ in description)

Q: What if I join after the year has started?
A: The Digital Singles Club begins on Jan 1st each year and anyone joining after then will receive backdated access of all the singles already released so far that year immediately upon joining.

Q: What file formats are the songs sent in?
A: singles are sent via a link in an email as HD Wav or Wav files and as an Mp3. Live sets are sent by youtube private link, whether livestream or video.

Please Note: You are signing up to a 12 month contract. You have 14 days to cancel. The cancellation period ends at the end of 14 days after the day on which the contract is entered into. Cancellations in writing please to quickfixmanagement @<\b>