The Walk Off


The Walk Off Are:
Monsieur Blake ~ Vocals ~
Esteban ~ Guitar ~
Absolom ~ Electronics ~
Bear ~ Dance ~

Abingdon based The Walk Off formed in 2004 with influences as wide and diverse as Big Black, Pulp, Prince and Les Savy Fav.

The Walk Off featured on our 2005 compilation CD featuring the best in local Oxfordshire bands all 18 years and under. We picked The Walk Off because they were fresh and exciting and doing something very dfifferent to the other bands around.

The Walk Off soon became not only one of the best young bands in Oxford but also they quickly became one of Oxford's best and most loved bands with a live show that always surprised and entertained. A young Shaun Ryder on vocals, a dancing bear, screwed up beats and twisted guitar what more could the average gig goer want? In the three years the band were together they gained slots with Polysics and even The Wurzels, as well as appearing at Truck festival and headlining the Nightshift Punt. Support for the band soon grew outside of Oxfordshire and the band contributed tracks to Brainlove Records and Dirtyzine compilations, in 2007 they released their 7" Vader Fader on Norwich label Hungry Audio.

The Walk Off
- A blietzrieg attack of Aphex Twin beats & punk-funk guitars topped off with a tourettes suffering Blank Francis/Brett Anderson hybrid: like The Pop Group invading the set of the movie 'Party Monster' with a Drill ‘N’ Bass Sound System.

In 2007 The Walk Off went their separate ways.

So where are The Walk Off Now?
Singer Blake formed a band with Staz from Harlette (also on the Under 18's CD) called Bitches....