A Blast From the Past

We are very excited to announce that we are releasing 'Temazepam Alcohol Suntan' by Verbal Kink on September 7th on all download platforms.

In 2002 alternative grunge rock band Verbal Kink came exploding out of the apathy-inducing, narrow-minded confines of the backwater villages of West Oxfordshire UK, ready to take on the world via Quickfix Recordings with their storming debut album Day of the Syphons. Describing themselves as a passionate mess of sincerity, after just over a year of cutting their fiercely sharp teeth on the local gig circuit (supporting the likes of Mclusky, Johnny Truant, The Futureheads and The Revs) this album was soon followed by their highly anticipated next release, To The Rats.

The band quickly picked up a devoted fan base who were avidly stirred by the band's uncompromising punk rock attitude, integrity and frenetic live shows. Always throwing themselves into everything whole heartily and not satisfied with playing in just their hometown, Verbal Kink burst out of Oxfordshire playing a glorious haze of gigs around the Country including prestigious venues The Borderline and The Bull & Gate in London, earning themselves greater recognition, momentum and support slots with acts such as The Duke Spirit and Seafood and resulting in an exhilarating set at The Truck Festival in the summer of 2004.

“ We are looking at a band whose star is in its ascendancy”- BBC Oxford
“…A full-blooded barrage of noise”- Nightshift

Fired up and with a ferocious new line up in 2005 the band headed to the studio to capture their new heavier, more progressive and ostentatious live sound. Sadly, the recordings never saw the light of day as an EP with Verbal Kink soon parting way, much to the disappointment of their devoted fans.

Fast Forward to 2018 and we are excited to bring you these guttural and invigorating recordings as Temazepam Alcohol Suntan, digitally dusted off and mastered by local up and coming hip-hop producer Half Decent, sounding fresh and charged for 2018.