18 & Under Only!

Various Artists

Track Listing: 

Here Goes - Mondo Cada
Hayden Vs Bach - Back By Six
The Taste Of Animals - The Walk Off
Some Time She Pisses Me Off - Harlette
Coldroom - 20/20 Vision
Office Girl - The Walk Off
Comparatives - Back By Six
Section Eight - Mondo Cada
Didcot Is For Lovers - Harlette
Lerki - 20/20 Vision

Release Date: 

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Catalogue Number: 


In 2005 we released ‘18 & Under Only!’ a compilation CD showcasing the outstanding music to be found from young bands (all between 15 and 18 years old), based in youth centres, rehearsal rooms, and schools around Oxfordshire. These bands were picked from a wealth of young bands that litter the Oxfordshire underground music scene, determinedly playing self-promoted and organised gigs in their local village halls and schools which frustratingly are generally the only places were under 18’s can play and even attend!
From the youthful exuberance to the direct melodicism to the wild explosion of ideas over the 10 tracks featured on the compilation, the music speaks volumes for the young musical talent in Oxfordshire and puts lots of older bands to shame…
Mondo Cada
- A pedal to metal collision between Fu Manchu, Black Flag and Kyuss with a fondness for Asian psychadelica to boot!
Back By Six
- Shockingly accomplished for their age: like Funeral For A Friend trading blows with Thursday with Morrissey as referee.
The Walk Off
- A blietzrieg attack of Aphex Twin beats & punk-funk guitars topped off with a tourettes suffering Blank Francis/Brett Anderson hybrid: like The Pop Group invading the set of the movie 'Party Monster' with a Drill ‘N’ Bass Sound System.
- From the pop savvy of The Bangles or The Runaways to the stark honesty of early Hole or L7, these girls know how to do classic girl rock.
20/20 Vision
- A band brimming with ambition fusing ‘Black’ era Metallica grandeur with Guns ‘N’ Roses' wicked sense of mischief and old-school metal values.
And don’t forget there are loads more bands from where these came from!