Groundhog Day


Track Listing: 

Here We Go
Made Of
Just Another feat. He!ghts
Struggle Everyday
4 Me
Bill Murray
On and On feat. Taz
Sleep Paralysis
Out Of Control
Hustlers feat. He!ghts and Chloe Amelia
Morning After
Goodnight Juliet
The Rain
Walking On Water feat. Wrekonize
Then, Now and Forever
Deaths Another Day
Never Give Up

Release Date: 

Friday, September 25, 2020

“Got to find a way to make this mundane day stop” is how Oxford-born rapper and producer Half Decent approached his latest single ‘Bill Murray’ and shows us that the power to break free from the monotony of life is in our hands. His debut album ‘Groundhog Day’ encapsulates this message perfectly.

You may know Half Decent as an eclectic beat-smith, lyrical poet and musical provocateur. In his most accomplished and mature body of work to date, ‘Groundhog Day’, he takes his craft to another level by exposing the grime, the grind and the gratitude that has been his life and has kept this album from surfacing for over 16 years.

Shining a light on the lives of the everyday people trying to make their way through the rubble with a range of different genres - from hip-hop to funk to grime - ‘Groundhog Day’s message feels close to home. Reminiscent of and lyrically influenced by artists like The Streets, Kano and 2pac we see a change of pace for Half Decent spinning important yarns over the edgy beats and energy-infused production.

Life is a journey to be lived and throughout this journey he’s accomplished 14 releases of mixtapes and EPs as well as remixes and collaborations with MC Lars, KRS- One and Kellindo. He’s a regular at much loved UK festivals and most recently performed to energetic crowds at Truck Festival and Common People. Not just a headliner, on the stage he’s supported Example, Chase & Status, Hot Chip and MF Doom.

“Half Decent shares the ability of bringing the listener into his world. It is particularly not a world of blunts, bling, cars, guns and beefs but actual real life” - Nightshift Oxford (‘Sleep Paralysis’ Review - Leo Bowder)

‘Groundhog Day’ makes you feel introspective, aware, humble, inspired and evokes a range of emotions in the listener across its 18 strong tracks. The energetic party tracks ‘Roots’ and ‘Out Of Control’ are a celebration of life, whilst tracks ‘Morning After’ and ‘Struggle Everyday' act as an anchor to remind us that there are always consequences to our decisions.

Tracks like ‘The Rain’, ‘Deaths Another Day’ and ‘Walking on Water’ feat. Wrekonize’ (of Tech N9ne’s label Strange Music) share the pain, the sadness and the difficulty of a life lived in order to bring this album to life. Instant grime classic ‘Then, Now and Forever’ (produced by Deverlish from OT Crew) and hip-hop anthem ‘On and On’ featuring Taz (Producer and co-writer of Dizzee Rascal - ‘Just A Rascal’) inspire us to stay motivated.

Half Decent has always balanced posing the question - what is life all about - with the answer - it is what you make of it. ‘Groundhog Day’ challenges our perceptions of how to live your life to the fullest. Listen to ‘Groundhog Day’ and never have a mundane day again.

“Bombastic beats, a grime groove and pure poetry. A great noise is to be found all over this top notch record” - Bill Murray - Music Underground Magazine

Groundhog Day is out now on and
Released on ‘Half Decent Entertainment in collaboration with Quickfix Recordings’
Available on all streaming platforms from September 25th.