Track Listing: 

Sex 4 Sale
Ape Pig Man
...For What It's Worth
Gett Off The Game
God Given Right
Flimsy Fickle Fashion (Fuck Off & Die)

Release Date: 

Monday, November 12, 2007

Catalogue Number: 


Debut Album from Smilex. Recorded by a team of 7 people over 7 days, it’s 7 songs take the listener through the unravelling mind of the writer as each of the seven deadly sins is examined from a modern, re-interpreted perspective, starting with sloth and logically concluding with wrath with barely a pause for breath The fierce energy and pace comes close to capturing the feel of the band's incendiary live shows whilst delivering the melodic, musical side of the band as never quite seen before including new textures, even instrumental players (the lush cello led coda to 'Syllabus' or dreamy piano accompaniment on 'Gett Off The Game’). It’s an absorbing listen, immediate yet layered thanks to the direct, clear production by Ace (guitar hero for Skunk Anansie and producer for King Prawn, Fletcher, Multi Purpose Chemical and many more!) who couldn't resist laying down a storming guest solo himself! The band has never sounded so focussed, yet retain the explosive wild-side that has them turning heads on the toilet circuit. This record thinks, breathes and feels, establishing that rock music can still be vital, raw and relevant and does not have to sell itself out or short to achieve its goals.

"The seven tunes spit and crackle with fast simple guitar work, a high energy rhythm section, snarling gasping shrieking vocals, and some intriguing lyrical angles on the oldest litany of naughtiness we know." Subba-Culture.com
"This is definitely an album for when you feel like bouncing off the walls. There are wonderful screams on Sex For Sale and For What It’s Worth." Cool Noise
"The music is sinister, overbearing, raw and edgy to the point of extremity." Music In Oxford
"The onstage theatrics you get at their gigs aren’t here of course, but much of that energy is captured
by a full-blooded production." Nightshift Magazine