10 Years since our first release

So today is 10 years since the first Quickfix Recordings release which was the Someday Now EP by Oxford all girl rock band Caliber! To celebrate this, our current act Half Decent has kindly put together a free download featuring a sample of the Caliber track Oneday Someday. Checkout the remix on our sound cloud page. Thanks to Chris for this great track. 10 years has gone by pretty quickly that is for sure. We first met Caliber at a charity gig at the Bullingdon Arms in 2001 and soon set about working with them, taken by their charm, musical ability and attitude to play great rock music. Like many musical pairings there were many ups and downs, many laughs and tears and a lot of hard work with Caliber but I think deep down 10 years down the line we are all still very proud of the 'Oneday Someday' EP. BBC Oxford said in a review of the CD we would look back and laugh at this release and I can say that yes we do but not because it was a bad record but because we had a great time! Caliber have since gone on to play in the much loved AllYouMiss and currently play in up & coming band The Charm Assault www.myspace.com/thecharmassault who we urge you to check out. Over the next few months we will be celebrating 10 years of Quickfix Recordings in various ways, one of those being a brand new website! Although Caliber are no longer around Suzie & Olivia have been involved and supported the label ever since the release in various ways and a big thanks goes out to them. Out of releasing this record not only did we get a record in our own CD collection on our own label as was the aim but we also gained experience in releasing and managing a band and finally we also got two great friends. So today 10 years after Caliber's 'Oneday Someday' was released how about giving it a spin (if you have it) again and remembering what a damn fine band Caliber were.

To celebrate the marking of 10 years, Half Decent has put together this awesome remix: http://soundcloud.com/quickfixrecordings/half-decent-life-is-never-over