Kellindo - Summertime Remix EP

It is with pleasure that we announce that we are releasing a Remix EP of Kellindo's track 'Summertime'.
This summer, independent UK label Quickfix Recordings and Janelle Monae’s guitarist & multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Kellindo team up on a very special remix project!

Bringing together a bunch of talented underground producers from a diverse range of dance music, or EDM as it’s now known. From the retro synth-wave of The Subtheory via the fiesta feel of Lee Christian’s Fun Has Begun Remix - to the drum ’n’ bass mania of the JUICY RMX, closing out with the sun-baked hip-hop of Half Decent’s remix, it almost feels like being at a dance festival! (This is doubly true for the Quickfix Bandcamp exclusive version which has 3 bonus tracks!)

As an early taste of Kellindo’s new direction as a solo artist, the original “Summertime” (which we recommend you check out if you haven’t heard it yet) is a lush whilst epic soul rocker, that provides a plethora of gorgeous instrumentation for our cast of Remixers to repurpose and reimagine.

Like a visit to an aural ice cream parlour, all you have to do is pick your favourite flavour and surrender to the joys of summertime. The fun has begun....